Is There Any Science Behind How The Tarot Works?

June 22nd, 2012

by DJ Ownbey

Does one have to know the scientific mechanics of how your car starts when you turn the key? Similar with Tarot readings; I believe science is catching up now more then ever to metaphysics. Quantum Physics and all the various experiments that are now being conducted at all the various universities around the world are revealing conclusive evidence that these things are real. Unfortunately, science has along way to go still.

Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung believed they worked through a process he termed as synchronicity. The theory of synchronicity can be summed up as co-incidence, meaning events that come together out side the realm of “chance.” These experiments were conducted at C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich.
I am also aware of Art Rosengarten that conducted allot of experiments with the tarot and he has authored several books on the subject.

The best approach to spirituality and getting a tarot reading is, “we become as little children,” as Jesus said. We forget all that we think we know all preconceived ideas and labels. We come with an open mind and heart. As the Buddhist term it the empty rice bowl and we allow spirit to guide us. Yogis call this state thoughtless awareness.

Understand that a real tarot reader does not need to know “anything” about your situation. As a matter of fact the less we know the better. Information can only biased one. Often times in the course of a reading we will ask questions to piece the puzzle together only. Provide no unsolicited information initially, as then we are looking for this or that—and we may miss something much more important that you need to know. I believe readings should always be approached in a very clinical way—so you can obtain the best results.
So when getting a tarot reading, it is a good idea to just surrender all your preconceived ideas about the situation you are coming about—as often your strong ideas about a subject can actually block the reader from seeing the truth. Also, understand that you can not judge predictions right or wrong in the present. Things you believe from your present knowledge are ridiculous is often exactly what will happen. Just keep an open mind to what the reader has to tell you—and keep a perfect state of objectivity. Being almost the detached observer is where the best tarot readings come from I have found.

If recommendations are made to you by the advisor follow them—religiously. If you go to a doctor and you don’t take the medication are you going to be helped? Keep in mind the definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results—yet people continue doing this all over the world.
Allowing spirit to lead the way—always produces the perfect results- I have found.
Love and light,

Psychics can help to alleviate uncertainty in your life.

June 18th, 2009

by Love Psychic Michael G

The world is filled with an enormous amount of uncertainty at the moment.  You have probably experienced more events happening at one time — with very few answers as to what will happen next —  recently.  This is a particularly good reason to reach out and contact a psychic.  You will find that contacting one, and having the uncertain and the unknown revealed can help you to prepare for the future a lot more.  Although events can sometimes appear overwhelming, it is not beyond your control.  Further, knowing that an event is possible — such as reuniting with a loved one — can help to give you more encouragement and to be in a far better spirits when your loved one does return.

Recently, a client asked if her ex-boyfriend will be returning.  She was very anxious because she had been thinking quite a lot about him and was wondering if he had the desire to return.  I helped to calm her by revealing that he would, in fact, return.  Interestingly enough, he returned in about two weeks, around the time period that I had originally seen.

Sometimes people are also very concerned about their employment prospects.  In today’s economy, a lot of people are wondering if they are going to be retained by their employer.  A lot of people naturally ask whether they will be retained.  I answer these types of questions every single day.  One client asked if he would be fired.  I did not see this happening.  Further, I also was able to let him know about something that he did not anticipate at all.  I saw him getting promoted.  When I told him this, he was quite shocked, and pleased.  Sure enough, he did get promoted.

This shows that the fears and concerns that we have ‘in our mind’ often times are not reflected in reality.  I can help to alleviate these concerns by letting you know what will actually take place, which will enable you to be a lot more productive and happier, too.

“Think Your Way to a Better Future”

March 30th, 2009

For some, contacting a psychic for career and money advice may seem like a last resort. But, in reality, reaching out to a psychic for guidance means that you are willing to explore all options, welcome new challenges and perspectives, and have the desire to succeed.  The way you think and approach life will often determine your outcome, including your financial and professional future. Read more…

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