Let’s Play…Test the Psychic!

August 7th, 2009

by Readings by Annabelle

There seems to be a growing obsession with this game, as though each and every psychic is completely incapable of assisting clients unless their abilities have been test driven by the client.

There’s many ways it has happened to me in sessions, either the client simply wants to abuse the connect before hiring policy I have by extending it far beyond the verification I give them, or they quite bluntly tell me they need me to connect first, or even worse, tell me they’d like to test me first.

I find it ironic because in each and every session I do I am being tested, everyday. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been tested by three different psychic certification agencies, all who have told me I have strong capabilities. Then there’s also the years of experience behind me, the close to 4000 ratings and of course the education in Metaphysics.

I can’t say that the game is fair, and this is for a good reason. It’s the fact that any other professional is trusted based on their qualifications hanging on the wall. You don’t go to a doctor and decide you need to test them before they help you heal, nor do you do it to the dentist, the psychologist, the plumber, the technician or even the mechanic! You’re more likely to be turned down than helped in the long run.
It’s just plain rude to take advantage of anyone that is offering their time, their expertise, their insight, and their guidance. It’s hard enough to find someone in this world that is willing to help someone out, willing to listen, willing to be there. The least one can do is be grateful for it and give something in return for that person’s generosity.

I personally value my gifts and my ability to help others with it. I live by the philosophy of Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. In his biography he explains that when he originally founded the healing energies, he went straight to those in the most dire need, healing them and helping them to improve their lives by working, instead of begging. He found that through the healing work he did, these people were able to improve their lives. Dr. Usui moved on to others that needed healing because so many were in need.
However, months, sometimes even weeks later, the same people were back in the gutter, living the same life they had been freed from. Dr. Usui learned the lesson that anything that does not have a value to it, is not valued. These people did not have to work for their freedom, they didn’t need to pay for it, and so living a free life was no more to them than a free lunch.

The philosophy that developed was the understanding that when anything is given, an exchange must occur. Both parties must benefit from the exchange. Sometimes this came across as trade, but most commonly it became monetary exchange for services. The bottom line however is that any services, or goods that are not valued enough by the owner to have a price tag attached them, will not be valued at all by any others that take advantage of those services or goods. Basically, anything free is worthless to everyone, whether owner or receiver.

Unfortunately in today’s world, greed has taken many people over. Since the world went into a recession, people have become monsters, believing that all companies should have a sale on, that the government should magically fix the problem and make everyone wealthy. People are brainwashed by the belief that they deserve to have a few free handouts. The only result is that they’ve lost respect for the world around them. There is no longer a balance of giving and receiving. Instead of being part of the solution, they are adding to the problem.

In my world, that obsession comes across as the test the psychic game. The game where all the answers come free without hire, and the client leaves with a hollow satisfaction that will only add to their misery in the long run.

The simple truth of it is that we’re all a victim of the same problem. The fault doesn’t fall on the doctor, the dentist, or the mechanic, it falls on every one of us. The only way to restore the balance is to restore the sanctity of giving and receiving. Giving to others what we can, in order to receive that which we need. By doing so, we restore our respect in the world, we make another person’s day brighter, and we get that much closer to the glory days we were so used to living in.

Truly there is no need for the game, who I am hasn’t been changed by the unfortunate state of the world. I’m still here to help people realize that the happiness they long for, can be found in time with hard work, dedication and patience. Similarly, as I have not changed, neither has my integrity or my beliefs. I still believe that anything that is not valued is worthless, and I still believe that what I offer is very valuable.
I’d like to invite you to take a closer look at your actions this month, and see for yourself how many times you think of giving something to someone, versus receiving. You may be surprised by yourself, and you may realize that it’s time to find the balance again.

Psychic Rhiannon

The Steps to Happpiness: Taking Responsibility

August 7th, 2009

by Readings by Annabelle

Lets face it, being happy is something we all strive for daily. At the core of everything we do lies the desire for happiness. Some of us eat to feel happy others diet, some of us spend money or save money, some of us work-out, some of us sleep and a lot of us look to our friends, families and partners to make us happy… whatever it is we do, we do it because we think it will bring us more happiness, more peace. Most of us look to external ways to bring IN the happiness rather than look within to bring the happiness OUT.

Think about what you say to yourself… Things like “I’ll be happy when I get that job, that relationship, more money, some time off…” The list goes on. The problem is once we get those things the happiness eventually wears off and we’re on to looking to something else to bring us that happiness again. So what do we do? The first step is to understand that we re at the center of our happiness. Happiness doesn’t come from things or situations or other people. Our happiness comes from within and attracts the things we desire. It is an internal realization that we are responsible for how we feel. Our feelings are the only way we can experience happiness or sadness if that is what is chosen, but the point is that it is up to each of us individually how we feel inside. No one can tell you how to feel. Sure, they can say it or even do something that triggers a feeling, but ultimately we get to choose our own feelings. Even if someone says something that is unkind or rude, it is still our choice how we feel inside, we are responsible for what goes on inside our own hearts and minds. When we grasp that one simple concept, we become more in tune with ourselves and more able to take responsibility for what we choose to experience in our lives. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings is a major step to improving your capacity for happiness.


August 7th, 2009

by DJ Ownbey

There are many parallels that the tarot has with Kaballah. There are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew Alphabet (including the Fool) there are twenty-two Major Arcana Cards. There are 10 Sephirah there are 10 non court cards in the Tarots Minor Arcana Suits (Ace through 10). The four court cards can be linked to the secret name of God YHVH (pronounced yud-hey-vahv -hey) or some say “Yahweh” also known as the Tetragrammaton-and referred to by most Jews as Adonai (my lord), as this is the most Holy of God’s Names. In the Kaballah there are also four worlds this can be linked to the four suits in the Minor Arcana. In addition, there are twenty -two Major Arcana and twenty two paths to work in the Kaballah.
Although there is no direct evidence to confirm that the tarot was inspired by the Kaballah , as a life long student of both the Tarot and Kaballah—I feel there are to many parallels to be coincidental.
I am not alone in my belief that the Tarot was inspired by kaballah. Alfonse Louis Constant (later changed his name to Eliphas Levi to reflect the Hebrew Translation of his French given name), believed that the kaballah could not be understood without the Tarot and the Tarot could not be understood without Kaballah.
Eliphas Levi (born in France in 1875) wrote several books one was called, ” Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie” this book was later translated into English by Athur Edward Waite (the intellectual creator of the most popular Tarot Deck in use today–the Rider-Watie Deck).
Elphas levi’s ideas were perhaps ahead of his time and landed him two prison sentences for a book he wrote (Le Testament de la Liberté –“The Testament of Liberty”).
Eliphas Levi’s ideas led to the formation of the infamous “Golden Dawn.” This was an occult group (occult meaning “the hidden” and it is the study of spirituality as opposed to religion) that studied the metaphysical ideas of Kaballah and Egyptian Esoteric Ideas.
Although ,we know allot of the ideas of the Golden Dawn were misguided (as the all the keys to understanding the Kaballah were not published until 1995, we are left with some very interesting metaphysical wisdom from the Golden Dawn and a beautiful “Golden Dawn Tarot Deck” filled with symbolism and esoteric symbolism.
So the Tarot’s documentable history is very little, and I feel that looking at this with spiritual eyes there is a lesson in all this. The Tarot teaches us to see with “new eyes.” These are the eyes that come from inside ones soul. Things that we learn on the outer are simply information (in form). To reach spiritual mastery we have to know these things from the inside out. We have to learn to live from the inside out.
We come to a place when we recognize that are “beliefs” mean nothing and all that matters is our “knowing.” Knowing can not come from study or be objectified into words for it is of the spirit.

Daily Tarot Card~

August 7th, 2009

by OzarkSeer

Tarot can be a wonderful tool in many ways, one of which is the simplest, yet I find also the most effective. A daily card is a wonderful tool on so many levels.  Personally I pull a  card per day, to find out what the day holds for me. It is a  general card, I do not ask any question. This one card a day can be very enlightening, perhaps even the most enlightening aspect of the Tarot in my opinion.  This card  will tell you what you need to know, to best manage the day, it will tell you the surprises you will face that day. It will tell you if there are obstacles, to be overcome, or if love will surprise you that day. A daily card in ones busy day to day routine, can be quite a blessing. Just knowing somethings coming early on in the day taking the surprise out of it can help you have such a better reaction to it when it happens. Sometimes my daily card enlightens to major things, like the day the sewer line broke ( that was a day let me tell yas, and i learned to have that number on speed dial if i ever pull that card again!)  Or sometimes it will tell of arguments best avoided. Some times just knowing its about to occur will pave a path for you to avoid getting stuck in the middle of it.  Sometimes it will tell you something very important…. Something that you may not understand exactly why at the time, but tells you to stay home that day. When you do you avoid a major bad thing from happening. I personally use a  daily card to know what the day will bring and let me tell ya you find out some very surprising things! I remember one time pulling the king of rods and the plumbing broke in my house that day! lets just say it was sooo fitting and i never thought of that card the same way again! You can know whats about to be if you take just a general look daily. Sometimes we miss out on important things by just asking specifically sometimes its a general reading we are needing!  Sometimes it will tell you a surprise is coming, or someone will reveal a special emotion to you. No matter what the daily card tells you, it is helpful to know when you start your day what to expect of it. Some how knowing helps lessen the bad days, and gives excitement to the good ones! Try it I’m sure you will like it! Just be sure to listen to the message they are conveying. Daily card readings, can be one of the most valuable tools, helping you prepare for what is coming.


History of the Tarot By D.J. Ownbey

July 30th, 2009

by DJ Ownbey

The first two decks that we know of appeared in 1441 and 1450, the later being the 78 card deck we are familiar with today (Vistonti-Sforsa of 1450).

The cards were originally known by the name Tarocchi (many allege they were named after a river and town where the first two decks originated (in Italy)—although this is speculation for the most part.
The French shortened tarocchi to “Tarot.” Most Europeans saw the cards as nothing more then a harmless game, much like we see our modern day playing cards. In fact, our modern day playing cards originate from the tarot (minor arcana-52 cards) The symbols change on our modern cards from cups to hearts, from swords to spades, from wands to clubs, and from pentacles to diamonds.

I believe this harmless game presentation was very wise idea—seeing how any type of Gnosticism (belief that we are divine and can connect directly with god—without a middle man) was punishable by torture and\ or death. Having ideas outside the scope of church approved ones, was a perilous journey in the middle ages.
Many people to this day, even professional readers, do not understand the “secret teaching to mastery” (enlightenment) the tarot comes to teach us— I plan to explore some of the hidden mysteries for the reader in future articles on this fascinating subject.

Tarot for Relationships

July 30th, 2009

by OzarkSeer

Tarot can be a valuable tool for relationships.

Often in relationships, to be healthy we need a different perspective or point of view, we at times lack faith and understanding in our partnerships.  Sometimes our partner is hiding there feelings so well that it is hard to relate to or understand what they are wanting and needing. Sometimes we need a little encouragement, to refresh our lifestyle. Tarot can tell us whether its worth the wait and working on or if our efforts would be better focused on something else. Tarot helps you understand your partner, what they are needing or thinking, and what you need to do to ensure a healthy and happy relationship. You can find out things to help your relationship grow, to  help things find balance, and you can learn what your partner is needing or expecting of you, as well as what to expect of your partner. It is a  very valuable tool telling you how they will react to a choice your about to make, and what the consequences of that action will be. Ask the Tarot when you feel you need a true inner perspective, when you need to know but your partner are not able to ask or get answers from.

Using the tarot one can find out many things, Tarot can show you the true feelings of your partner, what they are thinking, wanting and expecting, and where the relationship is going. Using the tarot, one finds out if the effort that they put into the relationship will be worthwhile and rewarding. Tarot holds no secrets, and yet will  reveal any secret. Using the tarot you can plot the course of your relationship, find out when and if they will commit and what to look for to show it is coming. Tarot reveals there true feelings, things they are yet to accept and come to terms with. It is important to ask specific questions when using the tarot. Sometimes we let our fears get in the way of our relationships. We fear what the partner is doing, or if they are being honest. Tarot simplifies that. What are they thinking, wanting, needing? Are they honest? Are they cheating? Do they like me?  These are questions the tarot can answer easily, accurately, and quickly. When you need to know, tarot holds the answers.

Sometimes we feel lost, and our partner is unable to provide the answers we are needing. Tarot provides those answer, without having to cause stress in your relationship by having a discussion your partner may not be yet ready for.  Tarot plots the course of the relationship, giving you the hope you need to move forward. 

Tarot can help one build a healthier, happier relationship. By easing your fears and knowing the outcome of where things are going, you are able to devote your time to other aspects of the relationship besides stress or worry.  You can use the tarot to check your relationships, to see if they need a  slight tune up occasionally. By eliminating the stress in the relationship and providing the hope one needs or the support, or even letting know when its time to let go, one can build both a healthier life path, within and without relationships, whatever is needed.  Its nice knowing when its time to let go, or when you just need to hold on just a little bit longer. It is nice to have the support that the Tarot will offer. Tarot has helped  heal many relationships, and  it can help yours also, if you just ask the questions~


Attracting a Soulmate

July 14th, 2009

by Queen of Swords Tarot

When you focus your attention on what you truly want and from a mate you eliminate the undesirable. The exercise below can assist you, help with clarity, and hopefully eliminate the chaos and confusion around dating. Pay close attention to the different types of potential lovers, and partners you have been attracted to in the past. Compare these old relationship patterns and dynamics to what you are experiencing today. Note what your new level of awareness is around relationships and what you are discovering about yourself newly?

When we focus your CONSCIOUS intention on what we desire in the soul-mate partner, the universe will respond to whatever we say, think, and believe.
Be as specific as possible. If we don’t fill in all the blanks, the universe will, and we may not like what we have attracted in.

Please remember that this is an exercise for attracting our soul mate, and not for obsessively focusing on it. The appointed time of soul-mates meeting is spiritually directed from above, and not intended to be humanly orchestrated, manipulated, or controlled. My intention here, is to provide a tangible tool used by the individual to come into alignment with their own soul, in order to more effortlessly merge with their soul mate, and most importantly, be at peace with the divine will and divine timetable.

Here are some suggestions to get started:

1.My soul mate partner physically looks like.

2.He or she has the following characteristics.

3.He or she shares the same vision about the future as me.

4.He or she places a high value on personal and soul growth.

5.He or she is not afraid to move forward and be free from the past.

6.He or she loves to hike, bike and workout.

7.He or she doesn’t smoke or eat red meat.

8.He or she enjoys making love and has no sexual hang-ups.

9.He or she is complete with the past and has little or no “emotional baggage.”

10.We just flow together with little effort or conflict.

11.He or she loves to travel.

12.We are truly enjoying learning from each other.

13.My soul mate loves to experience new places, people, and activities.

14.My soul mate loves, honors and respects me.

15.My soul mate never tries to compete with me he or she is too busy being my champion.

16.My soul mate deeply loves me and cherishes having me in his or her life.

17.My soul mate has a healthy respect for the opposite sex.

18.My soul mate believes in monogamy.

19.My soul mate possesses strong character, values and personal integrity.

20.My soul mate honors my point of view even if it is different than his or hers.

Get the idea? Have fun with your soul mate analysis and creation. This journal process places a mirror in front of us and we are able to see deeply inside. As we become more clear in what we truly desire our list will change. This change and growth will be recognizable. You will witness the changes in your choices of friends, lovers and co-workers.

What Are Fate And Destiny?

July 14th, 2009

by Azzrian Visions

Destiny and fate are basically the same thing. It is what is “supposed” to be or is pre-determined to happen. But please bear in mind – we are sent to this earth with all the tools to find our destiny but that is not a guarantee we will find it! We also are given free will, the power and right to choose. Now don’t go thinking that if we miss our destiny that we made wrong choices! No choice is ever “wrong” as with each choice we make, even ones that seem bad, we learn so very much! And perhaps our DESTINY is to NOT fulfill our destiny! Yes I know that sounds crazy! But at times we have to fail to succeed! Think about your past. I am sure that at some point everyone has made a choice that later you looked back at and wondered what the heck you were thinking! But if you really examine that choice which you may view as a mistake, there were positives along the way! A broken marriage, even a bad one can lead to wonderful children, or experiences that you never would have had therefor never have grown from.

No choice is wrong, free will is a precious gift and we have to utilize that before we worry about what our DESTINY or our FATE is “supposed” to be!

Yes there is such thing as Destiny and Fate – be them one and the same – use the word you prefer, but it is the getting there that matters! Without free will and power of choice (one and the same) our lives would be so dull we would not even want to live them. We would know all is pre-determined and nothing we chose matters.

Our Destiny is something we strive to achieve. Be that to be with a certain someone, to be a famous artist or to be a great parent. We all have a destiny. Most of us never tap into our own. That is sad but common. Many of us do but it is not easy to achieve! If it were then there would be no real lessons therefor our souls not enriched and we would not be able to pass onto the next stage of our soul lives.
So why then does it seem some people such as the rich and famous or people like Paris Hilton do so well so easily? Really? Seriously? Look at some of those people! Most of them are very troubled and riddled with problems from addiction to simply being hated as much as loved! I would not wish that life on anyone! They are still learning their lessons and believe it or not have NOT reached their real destiny. They just knew the right people or had a talent – simple as that!

When you go about your life, using your free will, you are nearer and nearer to your destiny with each and every choice you make. Yes at times your choices will take you off on a tributary away from your destiny but your main path is always there for you to jump back on and it is up to you to see that you drifted off of your path and to make a change. Sometimes it is up to another person when soul mates are involved but it is up to you to acknowledge that you can not master anyone’s path but your own and work through that and stay steady on your own course.

March Forth…

July 14th, 2009

by Ms. Laura

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” -Stephen Covey

Managing our time requires tough choices. That means that sometimes we may have to say NO to important activities in order to attend to even more important activities that will enable us to accomplish higher priorities.

When we embark on a journey and we aren’t sure how to get there, we typically jot down travel directions. So why are we so resistant to jotting down personal or professional goals or choices that would provide a road map – or at least a compass — for our lives?

I work with a lot of small business owners and professionals including coaches, consultants, doctors, lawyers, and CPAs. For those in the service industry, time IS money. To be profitable in their work, they must learn to limit their investment of time if there will be a limited return on that investment.

Of course, money is just one way to measure the returns. A “return on investment” of time may also yield an emotionally healthy and well-adjusted child, a deeply satisfying marriage, or a beautiful garden. The key is to get clear about what’s most important to you, and then march forth!

Several years ago I was talking with someone at a business luncheon, and at the end of our conversation he wished me a happy March Forth. I considered this to be a bit odd at the time, but I didn’t give it much more thought. A couple days later — on March 4th — I received a homemade card from him. The cover of the card contained a picture of a beautiful waterfall. The inside of the card read, “Thunderous and powerful, yet oh so beautiful! May your power within thunder out, as you march forth and realize all your dreams. Happy March Fourth .” It wasn’t until I received his card that I caught the literary ploy.

Today, as I think about those words – march forth! – I also think about something , Harold Taylor, says: “Major projects will never be finished if they are never started. The key to getting things done is to get things started. Pick a date and time and stick to it.” In other words, march forth!

Author and coach, Cheryl Richardson, shares a technique that has made an enormous difference in both the success of her company and the quality of her life. Here’s the technique:

In the morning when you start your workday, begin with the following question: What action do I most want to avoid doing today?

Once you have an answer to that question, do these two things:

1. Identify the cause of your resistance. For example, does the task feel too tedious or difficult to complete? Is it related to a goal that no longer serves you? Or, are you simply afraid?

2. If you are convinced that a task is, in fact, important, take this action right away.

I’ve always subscribed to the idea of tackling the most important tasks first. Cheryl Richardson’s approach has a slight twist to it. Instead of asking what is most important, she suggests that we ask ourselves what we most want to avoid. By looking at what you most want to avoid, it will challenge you to consider whether or not the items on your “to-do” list are truly designed to move you toward an important goal. It will also keep you focused on the actions you really need to take rather than all the “busy work” you may otherwise get caught up in when trying to avoid something that feels uncomfortable or risky. If you determine that the task is indeed important, by doing it first you accelerate your progress.

Many of us procrastinate around the things that matter most because of the anxiety they cause. Using this method requires some vulnerability on your part. There will be, on occasion, times where you are disappointed with the outcome. But would you rather waste time doing things that don’t matter, or are you willing to take a risk! Cheryl Richardson reminds us of this: “Since there’s a good chance that you’ll live through disappointment or rejection, why not face your fears head on? You have far more to gain than you ‘think’ you have to lose!”

Putting first things first, what’s the next action you will take to help you march forth?

Tarot and the 4th of July

June 30th, 2009

by OzarkSeer

Tarot and how it relates to the fourth of July.

Just as our country, went through a lot, to be free nation that it is, so did the Fool, along his journey. Both started out as an idea, a thought, a dream. Upon realizing of the dream, both experiment with the joys, and the hardships that this new freedom brings. The Tarot, like our country, has more than one country of origin. The tarot, in the beginning was not allowed to depict living things, being an Islamic in the 14th century. The Tarot, much like our country, continued to grow with experiences and spread, even now a continuous change is occurring. Our country is much different now, then it was at that time it was founded. Many things have changed, but our freedom still remains, and part of freedom is in being able to change. All in all, we are all on the journey or independance, whether we take it with a deck of tarot cards, or as a country learning its independence. One of the great things about being free, is the freedom that we have, of speech, religion, study, anything really. How great a country, where we can pick up the deck of cards, and find out our future destiny, without fear of punishment, or persecution. Freedom, like a deck of cards does come with a price, one must treat them with respect, and responsibly. There are many freedoms to celebrate on the fourth, this is just wonderful that the tarot can be one of them!

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