How To Best Prepare for a Psychic Reading: Part 1

May 21st, 2012

by Tarot by Justin

Although psychic readings generally do not require preparation on the part of the client there are still certain things that you can do both before and during the reading which will help you to get the most out of your time with your psychic advisor. This article will provide you with some helpful suggestions and tips so that you can derive the most benefit from your reading.

Here are the tips:

1) Relax. Yes, it is normal to be a little nervous, especially if you have never had a psychic reading before. Nerves are normal whenever we do anything for the first time. Just think about the first time you rode a bicycle or even your first date! Of course as we gain experience in anything our anxiety begins to diminish so bear this in mind and take the reading in your stride.

It’s important to remember too that psychic abilities are normal and we all possess them to a degree. Like all those times you just knew without any logical explanation that something was going to happen and indeed it did! Or all those moments when you thought about someone who you hadn’t seen in a long time and you happened to bump in to them or hear from them that same day. We all have these moments and although many people like to brush these aside with the word “coincidence”, the truth is that there are no coincidences. We all have a psychic sense, it’s a normal part of our makeup so don’t be afraid of this.

On this same topic keep in mind too that psychics themselves are regular people just like you. This should also help diminish some of your unsettled nerves. In any case, no doubt beneath your nervousness exists a certain curiosity about life and a desire to know things on a deeper level. After all, without that curiosity and desire you would not be seeking a reading right? So try if you can to connect more with this desire to know and let that guide you. That in itself will help put you in touch with the voice of your own intuition. Remind yourself once again that psychic abilities are normal and when its time for your reading take a deep breath and relax. When you have the pleasure of working with a gifted psychic this deep relaxation will make a world of difference.

2) Prepare Focused Questions. This is just as important as being relaxed. As we just discussed in the previous tip, since you have decided to have a psychic reading there are no doubt certain areas of your life which you would like to seek deeper insights and guidance about. In order to express this you will need to formulate some specific questions. It’s highly advisable to take some time before-hand to think deeply about the questions you wish to ask.

During the reading itself though, try to be as specific as possible when asking your questions? This is because if your questions are too vague and general then you are likely to receive answers of this nature too. So for instance, rather than saying ”Please tell me about Chris” a better way would be to ask “How does Chris feel about me and is he ever going to ask me out on a date?”. Or instead of asking the question, “Where is my career headed?” try asking, “Am I likely to get the Barnes account come September and will I get that promotion?”. I’m sure you get the idea. Specific questions of this nature will lead to more focused answers so be sure to think of some.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions as to how best prepare for a psychic reading. Please keep your eyes peeled for part two of this article where I will share with you even more tips.

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Psychics can help to alleviate uncertainty in your life.

June 18th, 2009

by Love Psychic Michael G

The world is filled with an enormous amount of uncertainty at the moment.  You have probably experienced more events happening at one time — with very few answers as to what will happen next —  recently.  This is a particularly good reason to reach out and contact a psychic.  You will find that contacting one, and having the uncertain and the unknown revealed can help you to prepare for the future a lot more.  Although events can sometimes appear overwhelming, it is not beyond your control.  Further, knowing that an event is possible — such as reuniting with a loved one — can help to give you more encouragement and to be in a far better spirits when your loved one does return.

Recently, a client asked if her ex-boyfriend will be returning.  She was very anxious because she had been thinking quite a lot about him and was wondering if he had the desire to return.  I helped to calm her by revealing that he would, in fact, return.  Interestingly enough, he returned in about two weeks, around the time period that I had originally seen.

Sometimes people are also very concerned about their employment prospects.  In today’s economy, a lot of people are wondering if they are going to be retained by their employer.  A lot of people naturally ask whether they will be retained.  I answer these types of questions every single day.  One client asked if he would be fired.  I did not see this happening.  Further, I also was able to let him know about something that he did not anticipate at all.  I saw him getting promoted.  When I told him this, he was quite shocked, and pleased.  Sure enough, he did get promoted.

This shows that the fears and concerns that we have ‘in our mind’ often times are not reflected in reality.  I can help to alleviate these concerns by letting you know what will actually take place, which will enable you to be a lot more productive and happier, too.

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