Tarot takes the guesswork out of relationships~

August 28th, 2009

by OzarkSeer

The Tarot cards tell a wonderful and fascinating story through their symbols, numbers, colors and the intuition and experience of the reader. The Cards will show your journey through life by the interpretation and the language of what is called symbolism.

The Tarot deck is like a book of story pictures that tell a story by the way they are interpreted, and this interpretation is done by the reader. A fascinating story can be told by reading the cards, either in a formal spread or in a more informal manner such as just drawing a card and interpreting its meaning.

The Tarot goes hand and hand with all aspects of life, but maybe none more than when it comes to relationships. Relationship questions are probably the most asked questions of the Tarot than any other. Whether it is a inquiry about what that hopeful significant other may be thinking about you, or something as ordinary as what are a certain associate’s motives are, the Tarot can give valuable insight into these matters and many others as well.

 Whether it is a love story or a tale of mistakes and misdeeds that can hopefully be avoided with the guidance of the cards, the Tarot can tell you the things you want to know about your relationships, not only with that special person, but also about what your friends and family may have intended for you. With the information that the cards give you can choose which path seems the best for your current situation.

Remember also that the deck may also tell you something that you may not want to hear, but you may need to know these things for your own safety or so that you may make an informed choice so that you can learn and grow as a human being. An experienced and ethical reader will tell you the good and the bad so that you may have a complete understanding of your unique situation. In this way you can make an informed decision about your relationships without worrying about “what if’s?” and “what might be?”.


The cards are a valuable ally in the game of life. Do not be fooled again by someone that has less than honorable intentions for you. The Cards will give valuable insights in matters of the heart, not only into what someone else is planning, thinking or feeling, but also about what the outcome of a particular decision will be. Look at all aspects of a relationship, not just what the other person has in mind but also what will be the outcome of dating this person, or that other person you are interested in. in this way you can make a better choice in your relationships.


Daily Tarot Card~

August 7th, 2009

by OzarkSeer

Tarot can be a wonderful tool in many ways, one of which is the simplest, yet I find also the most effective. A daily card is a wonderful tool on so many levels.  Personally I pull a  card per day, to find out what the day holds for me. It is a  general card, I do not ask any question. This one card a day can be very enlightening, perhaps even the most enlightening aspect of the Tarot in my opinion.  This card  will tell you what you need to know, to best manage the day, it will tell you the surprises you will face that day. It will tell you if there are obstacles, to be overcome, or if love will surprise you that day. A daily card in ones busy day to day routine, can be quite a blessing. Just knowing somethings coming early on in the day taking the surprise out of it can help you have such a better reaction to it when it happens. Sometimes my daily card enlightens to major things, like the day the sewer line broke ( that was a day let me tell yas, and i learned to have that number on speed dial if i ever pull that card again!)  Or sometimes it will tell of arguments best avoided. Some times just knowing its about to occur will pave a path for you to avoid getting stuck in the middle of it.  Sometimes it will tell you something very important…. Something that you may not understand exactly why at the time, but tells you to stay home that day. When you do you avoid a major bad thing from happening. I personally use a  daily card to know what the day will bring and let me tell ya you find out some very surprising things! I remember one time pulling the king of rods and the plumbing broke in my house that day! lets just say it was sooo fitting and i never thought of that card the same way again! You can know whats about to be if you take just a general look daily. Sometimes we miss out on important things by just asking specifically sometimes its a general reading we are needing!  Sometimes it will tell you a surprise is coming, or someone will reveal a special emotion to you. No matter what the daily card tells you, it is helpful to know when you start your day what to expect of it. Some how knowing helps lessen the bad days, and gives excitement to the good ones! Try it I’m sure you will like it! Just be sure to listen to the message they are conveying. Daily card readings, can be one of the most valuable tools, helping you prepare for what is coming.


History of the Tarot By D.J. Ownbey

July 30th, 2009

by DJ Ownbey

The first two decks that we know of appeared in 1441 and 1450, the later being the 78 card deck we are familiar with today (Vistonti-Sforsa of 1450).

The cards were originally known by the name Tarocchi (many allege they were named after a river and town where the first two decks originated (in Italy)—although this is speculation for the most part.
The French shortened tarocchi to “Tarot.” Most Europeans saw the cards as nothing more then a harmless game, much like we see our modern day playing cards. In fact, our modern day playing cards originate from the tarot (minor arcana-52 cards) The symbols change on our modern cards from cups to hearts, from swords to spades, from wands to clubs, and from pentacles to diamonds.

I believe this harmless game presentation was very wise idea—seeing how any type of Gnosticism (belief that we are divine and can connect directly with god—without a middle man) was punishable by torture and\ or death. Having ideas outside the scope of church approved ones, was a perilous journey in the middle ages.
Many people to this day, even professional readers, do not understand the “secret teaching to mastery” (enlightenment) the tarot comes to teach us— I plan to explore some of the hidden mysteries for the reader in future articles on this fascinating subject.

Tarot for Relationships

July 30th, 2009

by OzarkSeer

Tarot can be a valuable tool for relationships.

Often in relationships, to be healthy we need a different perspective or point of view, we at times lack faith and understanding in our partnerships.  Sometimes our partner is hiding there feelings so well that it is hard to relate to or understand what they are wanting and needing. Sometimes we need a little encouragement, to refresh our lifestyle. Tarot can tell us whether its worth the wait and working on or if our efforts would be better focused on something else. Tarot helps you understand your partner, what they are needing or thinking, and what you need to do to ensure a healthy and happy relationship. You can find out things to help your relationship grow, to  help things find balance, and you can learn what your partner is needing or expecting of you, as well as what to expect of your partner. It is a  very valuable tool telling you how they will react to a choice your about to make, and what the consequences of that action will be. Ask the Tarot when you feel you need a true inner perspective, when you need to know but your partner are not able to ask or get answers from.

Using the tarot one can find out many things, Tarot can show you the true feelings of your partner, what they are thinking, wanting and expecting, and where the relationship is going. Using the tarot, one finds out if the effort that they put into the relationship will be worthwhile and rewarding. Tarot holds no secrets, and yet will  reveal any secret. Using the tarot you can plot the course of your relationship, find out when and if they will commit and what to look for to show it is coming. Tarot reveals there true feelings, things they are yet to accept and come to terms with. It is important to ask specific questions when using the tarot. Sometimes we let our fears get in the way of our relationships. We fear what the partner is doing, or if they are being honest. Tarot simplifies that. What are they thinking, wanting, needing? Are they honest? Are they cheating? Do they like me?  These are questions the tarot can answer easily, accurately, and quickly. When you need to know, tarot holds the answers.

Sometimes we feel lost, and our partner is unable to provide the answers we are needing. Tarot provides those answer, without having to cause stress in your relationship by having a discussion your partner may not be yet ready for.  Tarot plots the course of the relationship, giving you the hope you need to move forward. 

Tarot can help one build a healthier, happier relationship. By easing your fears and knowing the outcome of where things are going, you are able to devote your time to other aspects of the relationship besides stress or worry.  You can use the tarot to check your relationships, to see if they need a  slight tune up occasionally. By eliminating the stress in the relationship and providing the hope one needs or the support, or even letting know when its time to let go, one can build both a healthier life path, within and without relationships, whatever is needed.  Its nice knowing when its time to let go, or when you just need to hold on just a little bit longer. It is nice to have the support that the Tarot will offer. Tarot has helped  heal many relationships, and  it can help yours also, if you just ask the questions~


Tarot and the 4th of July

June 30th, 2009

by OzarkSeer

Tarot and how it relates to the fourth of July.

Just as our country, went through a lot, to be free nation that it is, so did the Fool, along his journey. Both started out as an idea, a thought, a dream. Upon realizing of the dream, both experiment with the joys, and the hardships that this new freedom brings. The Tarot, like our country, has more than one country of origin. The tarot, in the beginning was not allowed to depict living things, being an Islamic in the 14th century. The Tarot, much like our country, continued to grow with experiences and spread, even now a continuous change is occurring. Our country is much different now, then it was at that time it was founded. Many things have changed, but our freedom still remains, and part of freedom is in being able to change. All in all, we are all on the journey or independance, whether we take it with a deck of tarot cards, or as a country learning its independence. One of the great things about being free, is the freedom that we have, of speech, religion, study, anything really. How great a country, where we can pick up the deck of cards, and find out our future destiny, without fear of punishment, or persecution. Freedom, like a deck of cards does come with a price, one must treat them with respect, and responsibly. There are many freedoms to celebrate on the fourth, this is just wonderful that the tarot can be one of them!

The Twisting Path

June 16th, 2009

by OzarkSeer


The Tarot cards tell a wonderful and fascinating story through their symbols, numbers, colors and the intuition and experience of the reader. They show your journey through life by the interpretation of the language of what is called symbolism.
The Fool makes a journey through the Major Arcana much the same as we make our journey through life. We can use the Tarot as a road map to guide us in our lives, unlike the Fool who does not have a guide and has only himself to rely upon. We are blessed to have instruction in our lives unlike the Fool who goes alone by instinct.

When the symbols of the tarot are translated correctly they tell a wonderful story of our past present and what may be our future. Experience can be a crucial factor in the translation of this amazing language of the Tarot and someone that has an abundance of experience in this realm can tell a wonderful tale indeed. Someone with experience will point out the fine details that are so apparent in the Tarot when you only know where to look. These details seem to jump out from the cards to an experienced reader. The journey of the Tarot can unfold to be a truly beautiful and timeless encounter which we all can experience and cherish for ourselves.

Remember that the future is not written in stone and you can do something about it. If you don’t like where your path is headed, just like with the help of a detour sigh on the interstate, you can avoid most of life’s bumpy journey with the assistance of the signs of the Tarot to provide you with a safe journey to the realization of your destination.

Take a note from the Fool enjoy life, smell the flowers, try to remember that you don’t have to take yourself so seriously. Just like the Fool carries what is important to him in his pack, you can choose which of your life experiences you want to carry with you. Keep in mind its not the experiences along the journey which are important its how we handle them, whether we learn, let go and move forward or if we choose to carry our experiences like a burden.

The Major Arcana, cards show us the things that we may have less control over in our lives, things that are more set in motion from our past actions, and that we have less ability to change, but we can at least brace ourselves for what is to come if we know what to expect and in that way we can choose how we will react to a certain situation when or if it arises. The Lesser Arcana shows us the things in our lives that are more easily changed or controlled and they deal with the more mundane and basic themes of our lives. The day to day interactions of ourselves with those around us and the outcome of these exchanges.

When laid out the Tarot cards will show a picture of the events of our lives that unfold and come to life like the frames of a moving picture show on the big screen. Don’t wait till tomorrow has soured your wine, the cards can come alive in the hands of someone with experience, intuition and natural ability to paint a wonderful picture of how amazing life can truly be.




Tarot Readings Explained For The New Client~

June 2nd, 2009

by OzarkSeer

A tarot reading can be a valuable assets in making important life decisions. Whether you are wanting to know if they are the one, if this career path is the right one for you, or if you should make this next purchase the tarot can help you.

Tarot can do much more though, besides simply answering your questions. Often it catches and reveals important details that other styles of reading may miss. Tarot does have certain limitations though, such as telling locations, or monetary amounts. Even so it is a valuable tool to learn about your future.

A tarot reader will often not ask any questions. Remember a date of birth is not necessary for a tarot reading as they tap into the energy around you in your present situation, and not at birth. Often times a tarot reader asks your name merely as a formality.

When you seek a tarot reading, much as with any other style of reading, it is important to have a clear open mind. Be receptive to any and all information which is provided to you. Sometimes the reading will veer off to another topic than the one you are asking about but this is not a bad thing. It simply means that this particular topic is of extra importance. When the message comes through it will redirect back to the directed topic.

Tarot has been documented clear back to the 14th century, and has only strengthened and developed through the ages. It is a valuable tool for finding out about the future, a person, place or anything almost. Choose tarot for direct clear answers. You’ll be surprised when you do!

With a  clear mind and a  steady focus you would be amazed the doors of opportunity a  tarot reading will open up for you!

“It’s All in the Cards”

March 30th, 2009

The tarot is a mystical tool that bridges the gap between the conscious and spiritual worlds, and also delivers clear advice that we can use to benefit our existence. Whether you’re a believer or non-believer, tarot has an uncanny ability to empower lives, provide clarity, and improve self awareness. Read more…

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