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“What Is Your Intention”

By definition, intention means “to have a purpose, plan, goal or objective,” “to act consciously,” “to know what you are doing and why.” Without intention, we may find our lives lacking purpose, direction, or meaning. How do we begin to build intention?  And how do we go about transforming the negative conversations that we all have with ourselves into positive action?  It all starts with self awareness.

It’s clear that we are creatures of habit. We get up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, go to work, head home, have dinner, go to bed, and it starts all over again the next day. For most, there is not much thought involved when it comes to our daily routine. Because our society is rooted in evolution, our minds are designed to work based on habit and conditioned responses. Yet, what happens when we do things day in and out, repeatedly without a thought? We find ourselves stuck in what is commonly known as “a rut”.

But what if we take time out to pay closer attention to our thoughts, instincts, dreams, and the world around us?  For instance, the next time you sit down to eat the usual bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, slow down and take inventory of how it tastes, feels, sounds and smells. Slowing down and being attentive to your senses can take you off autopilot and make you more mindful. And perhaps you’ll even discover that you don’t like that bagel very much after all!

In my psychic practice, I have helped people of all life circumstances achieve personal success by teaching them how to listen carefully to their inner voice. Using self awareness as our guide, we can begin to establish new and clear goals, making it possible to create change, improve our reality, and achieve a better quality of life. With that said, it’s time to break free from our daily rut and establish true intention.

Before settling on a life goal, take small steps by shaking up a normal daily routine and approaching it differently. For example, drive to work using another route or exercise in the morning instead of the evening. Changing up your routine, no matter how small, forces you ask “why” and discover if there is way of doing it better. It is about establishing your intention for doing what you do, how you do it, and the purpose.

Setting an intention that can change your life can be anything, as long as it is important to you and for you, and of course, beneficial to who are close to you. An intention can range from getting physically fit to become a healthier, more active person, to taking more chances in life to realize a new career path, talent, home, or love. It can even be as simple as starting each day with the intention to calmly (rather than loudly) address the little frustrations that surface with our children or spouse, or perhaps to make that difficult phone call to an estranged friend or family member. In fact, intention is a motivating force of life, it can be empowering, inspiring, and begins with self awareness.

So once we make the step of establishing intention, it is important to act on it. Getting active and moving forward with attaining your goal, no matter how lofty you or others may believe it to be, demonstrates your commitment. Once you make a decision to go for your intention, consider the following tips for success:

  • Get specific, make it clear, and write it down.
  • Share your intention(s) with that supportive someone
  • Do something today to seal your commitment
  • Acknowledge taking the first step and move forward with the next
  • Be aware of setbacks and resolve to keep going
  • Keep your eyes on the intention, be accountable, and don’t look back

Remember, when you act with intention and work consistently toward your goal, it is amazing how quickly life can change:for the better.

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