“Hello, It’s Your Inner Voice Calling”

March 30th, 2012

In my psychic practice, I spend a great deal of time teaching my clients how to become more aware of their inner voice. You know it well; it’s the internal chatter we always hear yet often ignore.

Intuitive messages can come in all forms. They surface as cravings for certain foods, through dreams, from heightened emotion and experiences, even through ideas that pop into our minds while doing routine tasks. Some of these everyday messages may seem meaningless, but when we take time out to listen carefully, we begin the process of strengthening and flexing our intuitive muscle.

Intuition is a powerful phenomenon. It is knowing the truth without explanation and it is said to be linked to a higher self. Often referred to as the ‘’sixth sense,” many people believe that it is something you’re either born with or not. However, we all have this deep sense of knowing that something is right or wrong and we can all learn to use it. Your intuition combines the experience of your past, present, and future to lead you toward inner peace and out of paralyzed places. It also gives you answers to problems and decisions. Following your intuition is the first step toward realizing your goals, hopes and dreams.

What can your intuition do for you? Learning to listen to the voice within forces us to live in the moment and with higher purpose.  It leads you to take good care of yourself and to have improved relationships with others. It can make your career, creative endeavors, and work life better, more enjoyable, and even effortless. Following your intuition can increase the flow of prosperity in your life. As an internal guide, your intuition is always showing you what to do to increase the flow of positive energy.

Don’t ignore your gut feelings, hone it. Here are some simple techniques:

  • Acknowledge your immediate feeling. If you have a hunch, it’s often a good idea to follow it.
  • Relax your mind and body. Listen to music, take a walk, or simply find a quiet place to reflect and meditate.
  • Practice deep breathing. Slow breaths, in and out.
  • Think twice before acting.
  • Track your accomplishments. Record all the times you listened to your intuition and proved you were right.

Daily practice is the key to building confidence and sharpening your intuition. The more you use your instincts, the more sensitive it becomes. Remember, when we choose to ignore our inner voice, we ignore what is best for ourselves

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