Let’s Play…Test the Psychic!

August 7th, 2009

by Readings by Annabelle

There seems to be a growing obsession with this game, as though each and every psychic is completely incapable of assisting clients unless their abilities have been test driven by the client.

There’s many ways it has happened to me in sessions, either the client simply wants to abuse the connect before hiring policy I have by extending it far beyond the verification I give them, or they quite bluntly tell me they need me to connect first, or even worse, tell me they’d like to test me first.

I find it ironic because in each and every session I do I am being tested, everyday. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been tested by three different psychic certification agencies, all who have told me I have strong capabilities. Then there’s also the years of experience behind me, the close to 4000 ratings and of course the education in Metaphysics.

I can’t say that the game is fair, and this is for a good reason. It’s the fact that any other professional is trusted based on their qualifications hanging on the wall. You don’t go to a doctor and decide you need to test them before they help you heal, nor do you do it to the dentist, the psychologist, the plumber, the technician or even the mechanic! You’re more likely to be turned down than helped in the long run.
It’s just plain rude to take advantage of anyone that is offering their time, their expertise, their insight, and their guidance. It’s hard enough to find someone in this world that is willing to help someone out, willing to listen, willing to be there. The least one can do is be grateful for it and give something in return for that person’s generosity.

I personally value my gifts and my ability to help others with it. I live by the philosophy of Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. In his biography he explains that when he originally founded the healing energies, he went straight to those in the most dire need, healing them and helping them to improve their lives by working, instead of begging. He found that through the healing work he did, these people were able to improve their lives. Dr. Usui moved on to others that needed healing because so many were in need.
However, months, sometimes even weeks later, the same people were back in the gutter, living the same life they had been freed from. Dr. Usui learned the lesson that anything that does not have a value to it, is not valued. These people did not have to work for their freedom, they didn’t need to pay for it, and so living a free life was no more to them than a free lunch.

The philosophy that developed was the understanding that when anything is given, an exchange must occur. Both parties must benefit from the exchange. Sometimes this came across as trade, but most commonly it became monetary exchange for services. The bottom line however is that any services, or goods that are not valued enough by the owner to have a price tag attached them, will not be valued at all by any others that take advantage of those services or goods. Basically, anything free is worthless to everyone, whether owner or receiver.

Unfortunately in today’s world, greed has taken many people over. Since the world went into a recession, people have become monsters, believing that all companies should have a sale on, that the government should magically fix the problem and make everyone wealthy. People are brainwashed by the belief that they deserve to have a few free handouts. The only result is that they’ve lost respect for the world around them. There is no longer a balance of giving and receiving. Instead of being part of the solution, they are adding to the problem.

In my world, that obsession comes across as the test the psychic game. The game where all the answers come free without hire, and the client leaves with a hollow satisfaction that will only add to their misery in the long run.

The simple truth of it is that we’re all a victim of the same problem. The fault doesn’t fall on the doctor, the dentist, or the mechanic, it falls on every one of us. The only way to restore the balance is to restore the sanctity of giving and receiving. Giving to others what we can, in order to receive that which we need. By doing so, we restore our respect in the world, we make another person’s day brighter, and we get that much closer to the glory days we were so used to living in.

Truly there is no need for the game, who I am hasn’t been changed by the unfortunate state of the world. I’m still here to help people realize that the happiness they long for, can be found in time with hard work, dedication and patience. Similarly, as I have not changed, neither has my integrity or my beliefs. I still believe that anything that is not valued is worthless, and I still believe that what I offer is very valuable.
I’d like to invite you to take a closer look at your actions this month, and see for yourself how many times you think of giving something to someone, versus receiving. You may be surprised by yourself, and you may realize that it’s time to find the balance again.

Psychic Rhiannon

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