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Fortune telling is both an art and a science. It includes the practice of Tarot and Palm Reading. Fortune telling is a highly intuitive process which taps into the collective unconscious or bond of energy, emotion, and shared experience that unites us all. No matter what you believe about the principles behind fortune telling, its accuracy can be uncanny.

Why choose a master fortune teller?

Many believe that fortune telling is all about predicting the future, it is not. Fortune telling serves as a guideline for life. Based on the forces at work in your present, a professional fortune teller will use psychic tools and intuitive process to interpret probable outcome. The skills of an expert fortune teller can help you:

  • Understand yourself and your life choices better
  • Tap into your inner resources with confidence
  • Trust your intuition
  • Learn to problem solve
  • Find love and improve relationships

Seeking the guidance of a professional fortune teller is a powerful way to help you discover possibility, add personal dimension, and reveal new ways of approaching your life.


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Fortune Tellers Corner

When Will He Call Me?

by Psychic Raven

I feel that we are all on a journey of spiritual growth and personal development, and for that reason, not every psychic is going to be right for every person. I would call myself a ‘bigger picture’ psychic. If we imagine that we are on a road called ‘growth’, at the beginning of that road we ask questions about what lies on the surface. If the reading is relevant to a relationship, we may ask if and when someone will call, if and when they will come back to us. When I am asked these questions the first thing I do is encourage the client to focus less on if someone will come back, and more on why they left. This requires moving a little further down that road, letting go of ‘today’ and examining if you are on the right path to get to your desired destination.

You may ask ‘when will he call?’ and the psychic may say ‘next Tuesday’ and may well be spot on, but that doesn’t solve the issue of why there was a period of silence and why he stopped calling in the first place. So next Tuesday he calls, all is well for a few weeks and then guess what? He backs off AGAIN. You then find yourself calling the psychic again and asking when hes going to call. All the while you are being hurt and emotionally drained and not moving along that path. You get stuck on a hamster wheel you saw on the side of the road!,

Very often people look for a reading to tell them that all will be well and become angry with the psychic if that’s not what they hear, they are resistant to growth and want to remain exactly as they are and have someone still tell them that all will be will and they will get their happy ever after.

Psychics don’t CREATE the future, so don’t get mad if they are not telling you what you wanted to hear! Take it as a opportunity to look at YOUR actions. A good psychic wont just give you bad news, they will tell you how you can change the patterns and cycles that have trapped you and show you that when YOU change the music the whole dance changes! Isnt that FAR more helpful than telling you that someone will call next week? Better to have to the potential to change the direction of the whole journey and not just what happens now.

Always be aware that the most powerful person in your life is YOU. You set the rules and create the boundaries by which others can interact with you. If you are being abused and you are an adult, then the opportunity for growth lies with YOU. When we are afraid of losing someone we care about we stay in often terrible situations. We get readings, and hope that the other person will change, and we want to know WHEN. The sad fact is that as long as you remain with them and ALLOW them to mistreat you then you are GIVING THEM PERMISSION TO DO SO. What incentive do they have to grow and overcome their issues? They can behave as they do and still have you. Not only are you stuck on your own path but you are allowing them to remain stuck on theirs. When you think about it, that isn’t love, its DEPENDENCY.

Now if all of this resonates with you, let me take you to the next level. Lets say you have read this, and understand what you need to do and how your actions have contributed to where you find yourself. That’s wonderful! But the test is this – are you going to do this work because you love yourself, want to put yourself first, and want to change the pattern of all your relationships from now on – OR – are you going to say ‘Wow, Raven that made so much sense to me I am so glad I spoke to you, now tell me, if I do all this, WHEN WILL HE CALL ME? ( Raven bangs head against wall!).

If you remember only one thing you read here, make it this. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. When you grow, you do it for YOU, not to influence someone elses free will. God doesn’t do ‘deals’ It isnt a case of saying ‘Ok God, Ill do what I need to do to learn this lesson as long as I can have this person at the end of it. NO DEAL.

When you stop enabling someone to treat you as they do, then they are triggered to grow, they can no longer interact with you as things were because YOU are no longer the same person. Your growth becomes the catalyst for theirs, but they always have free will, can avoid growth ( as you once did!) and may not appreciate your new approach. THIS IS NO REASON FOR YOU TO STAY AS YOU ARE!
Read more…

“Hello, It’s Your Inner Voice Calling”

In my psychic practice, I spend a great deal of time teaching my clients how to become more aware of their inner voice. You know it well; it’s the internal chatter we always hear yet often ignore. Read more…

Psychics can help to alleviate uncertainty in your life.

by Love Psychic Michael G

The world is filled with an enormous amount of uncertainty at the moment.  You have probably experienced more events happening at one time — with very few answers as to what will happen next —  recently.  This is a particularly good reason to reach out and contact a psychic.  You will find that contacting one, and having the uncertain and the unknown revealed can help you to prepare for the future a lot more.  Although events can sometimes appear overwhelming, it is not beyond your control.  Further, knowing that an event is possible — such as reuniting with a loved one — can help to give you more encouragement and to be in a far better spirits when your loved one does return.

Recently, a client asked if her ex-boyfriend will be returning.  She was very anxious because she had been thinking quite a lot about him and was wondering if he had the desire to return.  I helped to calm her by revealing that he would, in fact, return.  Interestingly enough, he returned in about two weeks, around the time period that I had originally seen.

Sometimes people are also very concerned about their employment prospects.  In today’s economy, a lot of people are wondering if they are going to be retained by their employer.  A lot of people naturally ask whether they will be retained.  I answer these types of questions every single day.  One client asked if he would be fired.  I did not see this happening.  Further, I also was able to let him know about something that he did not anticipate at all.  I saw him getting promoted.  When I told him this, he was quite shocked, and pleased.  Sure enough, he did get promoted.

This shows that the fears and concerns that we have ‘in our mind’ often times are not reflected in reality.  I can help to alleviate these concerns by letting you know what will actually take place, which will enable you to be a lot more productive and happier, too. Read more…

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