Palm Reading

Also known as palmistry or chiromancy, palm reading is practiced all over the world, with roots in Indian astrology and gypsy fortune telling. It was once viewed as a tool of black magic, shrouded in mystery and fear. Today, palm reading is associated with psychic insight, spiritual enlightment, and fun.

Palm experts say that the palm is a window into the authentic self. By studying the lines in the palm of the hand, palm reading can unveil an individual’s character or personality traits and life experience. Since palm lines change throughout life, palm reading is an opportunity to reveal what has come to pass, rather than foretelling what is to come.

With careful study of your palm lines, a palm reader can unearth buried emotions, aspirations, and reveal the hidden truths that lie within all of us. Professional palm readers can unmask the person you really are.

Featured Palm Reading Experts

Palm Pilot

“Read Between the Lines”

What does a professional palm reader look for when studying your palm? It involves more than just examining the lines of your hands. Palmists begin with texture, color, flexibility, finger, nails, and size. There are also various bumps or mounts on the hand which represent certain aspects of your personality. Read more…

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