“Read Between the Lines”

March 30th, 2012

What does a professional palm reader look for when studying your palm? It involves more than just examining the lines of your hands. Palmists begin with texture, color, flexibility, finger, nails, and size. There are also various bumps or mounts on the hand which represent certain aspects of your personality.

Which hand is best to use in palm reading? It depends on which hand that is favored. For the right-handed person, the left hand is said to be a window to the innate personality, whereas the right hand shows talents and aspirations as an outgrowth of personality. It is opposite for the left-handed person.


The palmist will also observe texture in both the front and back of the hand. A soft-textured hand reveals sensitivity and refinement. A coarse-textured hand will depict a temperamental nature. Calluses will show that a person is hard working and/or performs a lot of manual labor. The flexibility of the hand demonstrates the nature of a person. The more flexible the hand, the more adaptable the person.


Nails are also important. The nail shape and color allows the palmist to gain insight into personality. Long nails show creativity whereas square nails reveal a methodical personality. A pink coloring of the hands exposes a healthy individual, while yellow or blue coloring may indicate a problem.


The mounts are found at the base of the fingers. Palmists study the texture, color and firmness of these mounts. Each finger has a mount that denotes a specific trait. For example, the index finger indicates wisdom, balance, and sorrow; the fourth finger shows ability to reason and pension for business; the thumb reveals love and passion. Last but not least, the edge of the hand shows imagination and even selfishness whereas the middle of the palm signifies courage and aggression.
The lines of the palm are next. There are many lines of study in the palm. However, the primary lines of interest for many people are the heart line which shows emotion; the head line which denotes intellect; and the life line which reveals the length of a person’s life. Others lines include those of affection which reveals information about relationships; fate which begins near the end of the life line signifies material success; the line of Apollo which determines brilliance; and Mercury which indicates overall health.


As life moves on, so do the lines and overall appearance of your palm. The lines change as you change and reflect your experiences, both good and bad. So armed with psychic information, it is up to you to make a conscious effort to approach life in a different way or maintain the path you have established for yourself. The future is in your hands.

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