What Are Fate And Destiny?

July 14th, 2009

by Azzrian Visions

Destiny and fate are basically the same thing. It is what is “supposed” to be or is pre-determined to happen. But please bear in mind – we are sent to this earth with all the tools to find our destiny but that is not a guarantee we will find it! We also are given free will, the power and right to choose. Now don’t go thinking that if we miss our destiny that we made wrong choices! No choice is ever “wrong” as with each choice we make, even ones that seem bad, we learn so very much! And perhaps our DESTINY is to NOT fulfill our destiny! Yes I know that sounds crazy! But at times we have to fail to succeed! Think about your past. I am sure that at some point everyone has made a choice that later you looked back at and wondered what the heck you were thinking! But if you really examine that choice which you may view as a mistake, there were positives along the way! A broken marriage, even a bad one can lead to wonderful children, or experiences that you never would have had therefor never have grown from.

No choice is wrong, free will is a precious gift and we have to utilize that before we worry about what our DESTINY or our FATE is “supposed” to be!

Yes there is such thing as Destiny and Fate – be them one and the same – use the word you prefer, but it is the getting there that matters! Without free will and power of choice (one and the same) our lives would be so dull we would not even want to live them. We would know all is pre-determined and nothing we chose matters.

Our Destiny is something we strive to achieve. Be that to be with a certain someone, to be a famous artist or to be a great parent. We all have a destiny. Most of us never tap into our own. That is sad but common. Many of us do but it is not easy to achieve! If it were then there would be no real lessons therefor our souls not enriched and we would not be able to pass onto the next stage of our soul lives.
So why then does it seem some people such as the rich and famous or people like Paris Hilton do so well so easily? Really? Seriously? Look at some of those people! Most of them are very troubled and riddled with problems from addiction to simply being hated as much as loved! I would not wish that life on anyone! They are still learning their lessons and believe it or not have NOT reached their real destiny. They just knew the right people or had a talent – simple as that!

When you go about your life, using your free will, you are nearer and nearer to your destiny with each and every choice you make. Yes at times your choices will take you off on a tributary away from your destiny but your main path is always there for you to jump back on and it is up to you to see that you drifted off of your path and to make a change. Sometimes it is up to another person when soul mates are involved but it is up to you to acknowledge that you can not master anyone’s path but your own and work through that and stay steady on your own course.

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